General Medicine

Faculty of Medicine

The Faculty of Medicine was founded in 1990. In 1996, the faculty graduated the first 57 doctors-graduates who continued their studies in clinical residency.

The first Dean of the Faculty of Medicine was Arthur Karapetyan, who at the same time led and taught at the Department of Anatomy. Later, the post of the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine was headed by Inga Gurgen Yerznkyan, Ph.D. Iren Ereni Sekoyan, PhD, Associate Professor Yuri Lennoy Jhangiryan.




The basic education of the Faculty of General Medicine is currently being organized by a 6-year continuous integrated program. The training is organized in Armenian. At present there are 386 International students studying at the faculty. During the study students study both theoretical and professional and related clinical subjects. Practical trainings are widely used in educational phantoms, moldings, didactic materials. During the Master's study, teaching is accompanied by improved practical skills.

Upon graduating the continuing education, graduates are given a doctorate qualification in the specialty of MD “General Medicine”.


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