Credit System


During the whole period of study, Armenian Medical Institute uses students' assessment methods, surveys, seminars, essay writing, writing and test work that enable students to evaluate students correctly and ensure academic honesty. The student's knowledge and academic achievement scale is 100 points, which includes the results of students' self-reliance, self-employment, queries and exams. According to this scale, maximum 25 points for attendance, which corresponds to 100%, are given for 25 points for surveys, which corresponds to 100% result, maximum 20 points for the student's self-study, which corresponds to 100% For field exams, 30 points are given, which corresponds to 100% evaluation criteria. The internal evaluation procedure is done on the numerical scale "10", where the figure "10" corresponds to 100 units and 100% of the examination material. 9-10 points are excellent, 7-8 good, 5-6 satisfying, 0-4 insufficient (see the next chapter). The student can not take part in the exam or test if he / she has received less than 60 points from the attendance, survey, and testing. Points are calculated from the percentage collected by the learner who received the semester during the academic year. 1 credit is equivalent to 30 academic hours in which lectures, practical and laboratory work, workshops and independent work are included. In one academic year the student completes 60 credits. practical and laboratory works, seminars and independent work.

The final assessment of the knowledge is made by the President of the State Examination Examination Commission, the latter being appointed by the well-known non-university professionals. At the final stage of the final state examination, practical skills and abilities are examined, in the second stage theoretical knowledge, and thirdly, through clinical thinking through oral questioning and problem solving.

A student or a graduate, passing the three-level educational system, can continue his or her work both in Armenia and abroad, based on the results of his / her knowledge.


AMI applies the ESTS Credit Accumulation System (ECTS European Credit Transfer System), starting from 2006-2007, in line with the Bologna Process developments and pursuant to Government Resolution 22/12/2005 N 2307, as well as by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Armenia 19/06 / 2007, Approved by Order No 588-A / B.

AMI credit system complete ( transmission and storage ) Kira R. Mann after he came out of the 2011/2012 academic year educational credits as educational programs mandatory element of importing and students in academic journals are necessarily an indication.

It is not possible to lose the obtained credits. Credit system:

  • 1 credit corresponds to 30 academic hours (lectures, practical and laboratory workshops, seminars, quizzes, student self-study).
  • The 100-point credit system includes the scores of each subject's attendance, oral quiz, and self-employment, quizzes, and exams.
  • 30 credits for 1 semester.
  • There are 60 credits in one academic year.

In the case of credit system import, the 100-unit assessment scale has been maintained as a base, from which the transition to the AD alphabetic scale is carried out according to the table. The characters A, B, and C can be supplemented by (+) (-) characters, providing a more accurate assessment. In case of FX mark, the student is
not credited for the course. Some courses may be evaluated (staged) or with U (checked) characters, of which S is a sign that the student has a satisfactory level of development and U is insufficient. The student receives the S mark in the appropriate credits, without getting a rating. FX or U-rated courses are subject to a rebate. A summary of academic achievement that reflects the study, training modules, credits awarded, and grades received are compiled according to the following scale:

AMI rating unit EST mark Characteristics
91-100 A "Excellent" - exceptional knowledge with minor errors
84-90 B "Very good" - Excellent knowledge with some omissions
73-84 C "Good" - a good job with obvious errors
68-73 D "Satisfactory" with gaps in mourning
60-67 E "Enough" - Minimal knowledge
Less than 60 points, with the right to reconsider the test FX "Failure" - need extra work to get credits
Unsuccessful rebate F. "Complete failure" - requires double training
Verified S Sufficient level of recovery
Unverified U Insufficient level of treatment